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Backed by 14 years of solid experience, the professionals at  Xtreme Carpet Cleaning can restore the color on your carpet's area damaged by bleach by interacting with the existing primary colors so the area becomes "invisible."


Our technicians will use an airbrush technique to better facilitate the blending and to better match the original color of your carpet. We can also fix other discolorations caused by aftermarket spotters, sun fading, medications and acids.

Get FAST and efficient removal of red dye stains

Don’t let a stain ruin the appearance of your carpet. Our professionals will effectively remove red dye from your carpets. Our efficient product works on over 95% of red dyes, including juices to red wine.


For stain or restoration treatments, we take extraordinary measures to achieve satisfactory results in exceptionally difficult cleaning conditions. We care for your needs and do an excellent job. Call 503-409-3018 for a FREE estimate.

Superior quality restoration of your damaged carpets

Call us for dependable carpet repair services

Exceptional carpet repair and dyeing restoration

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